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Formula1 NEWS.....October 23th 1999, Ferrari win appeal!.....Reaction to the ruling.....FIA Press release.....Irvine attends hearing.....Gene retained at Minardi.....BAR incentive to workers and more.
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Free Classifieds with Free Photo Ads for personals, American Cars, Auto parts, antiques and much more.
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Autodesigner Homepage
On this page are presented some of the designs that I've developed and photo gallery. By Konstantin Vassiliev.
"Avtomobili Cars@Web" Magazine
Everything about cars online magazine.
"Avtomobili Zhurnal" Magazine
"Avtoreview" On-Line Magazine
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LADA - Newest Models
The newest models of the Russian cars LADA.On this page are presented the last models of cars LADA and NIVA. These modern, reliable and inexpensive cars are produced in Russia (city Togliatti, Joint-Stock company "AvtoVAZ").
Moscow Beetle Club
Moscow Mazda Club
Moscow Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles
Museum of antique automobiles and motorcycles in Moscow.
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North American Russian Motorcycle Association (NARMA)
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