Alternative Russian Dictionary
Russian slang - a part of The Alternative Dictionaries collection.
Brockhaus Online
Generative Encyclopedia.
Dictionaries and Translators - General Resources
Language Dictionaries and Translators. "Breaking the barriers of language through learning".
Dictionary of Period Russian Names
And some of their Slavic roots. Being a compilation of over 25,000 Russian names taken from period sources by Paul Wickenden of Thanet.
Ectaco online
All you need for Instant Online Translation - Ectaco Online Dictionary ! The easiest way to translate from English into any Foreign language and back online.
English-Russian Computer Acronyms Dictionary
English - Russian abbreviations dictionary for informatics.
Erred Dictionary
English-Russian-English pocket dictionary for Win95/Win98/WinNT, 59000/50000 words respectively.
HAIDT Portal
The most useful Online Dictionaries!
MultiLex English-Russian Dictionary
Includes the famous three-volume “New Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary”.
Ozhegov Russian-Russian Dictionary
Interpretation of Russian words.
Russian-English Dictionary of the Human Body
An interactive on-line dictionary that lists thousands of phrases for describing the appearance, movements, moods, injuries, etc. of human beings.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Dictionary
Interpretation of words used in science fiction books.
Soccer Dictionary by Coach Cameron
Online Soccer Dictionary By Coach Cameron - for soccer clubs, soccer coaches, soccer players, school soccer.
Specialized Dictionaries - PROjectMT
PROject MT company is specialized in the development of computer-aided translation systems for the main European languages. PROjectMT Machine Translation System will help you at work, in the Internet, at home.
Ukrainian-Belarussian-Russian-English the dictionary with explanations. Grammar of the Ukrainian language. (Ukrainian)
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